Vivian Landau, Executive Director of Mid-Shore Scholars

The Executive Director (ED) is charged with managing the day-to-day operations of Mid-Shore Scholars (MSS) and its staff, overseeing the multi-faceted curriculum, interfacing with community organizations and non-profits, and working individually and collectively with students to help plan their future paths. The ED will recruit, screen, onboard, and monitor all scholars with the overarching goal that 100% get into college, 100% stay in college, and 100% graduate.

Vivian hold a BS from Towson University and an MS from Johns Hopkins University.


Mike Landau, Math & Technology

The Math/Tech Advisor & Instructor is responsible for providing one-on-one and group math instruction to include: individual tutoring (both local and online), support for the math portion of the SAT, and project-based exercises.

Areas of math covered include: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.

In addition, Scholars will learn to leverage a wide range of technologies that will serve them well both in high school and college.

Mike holds a BS and MS from New York University.


Kentavius Jones, Curriculum Manager

The Curriculum Manager is responsible for developing and facilitating a multi-faceted curriculum for Mid-Shore Scholars in Language Arts, Math, College Prep, and Soft Skills through MSS Workshops and tutoring.

Kentavius will lead our efforts to build a strong bridge within Mid-Shore Scholars and Talbot Mentors through Lit Squad, Math Squad and Social Skills programs across the entire TM organization.

Kentavius holds a BA and MA from Washington College


Dr. Allyson DeMaagd, College Success Manager

The College Success Manager is responsible for both one-on-one and group college readiness, "best fit" college selection, navigating the college admission and financial aid (FAFSA) and scholarship process with our scholars and their families.

Allyson will lead our efforts to brand MSS, cultivate relationships with admissions advisors at colleges and universities, and match mentors to support Scholars during their college experience.

Allyson holds a BA and MS from Grand Valley State, as well as a PhD in English from West Virginia University.