If there is one thing that Talbot Mentors has proven since its inception in 2000, it is that every young person gains so much when an adult has their back. Statistically, this is undoubtedly the case, but nothing is more satisfying than to review the hundreds of success stories that have come out of this unique Talbot organization to demonstrate how powerful that strategy can be.

These results were not news for Marshall and Loretta Blume. Marshall, who had taught at the University of Pennsylvania for forty-five years before retiring to Talbot County, had seen the dramatic results first hand at Penn with other mentoring programs that targeted college-bound youth in major United States cities.

The Blumes also thought the same methodology could be applied to Mid-Shore students who aspired to be the first of their families to earn a college degree. With a support network in place, these motivated young people could successfully navigate the daunting process of pre-college preparation, college selection, and the admissions procedures.

2/2/2019 - Our original 4 Mid-Shore Scholars: Cody, Andrey, Samantha, Yubi, and Shanille.
2/1/2020 - One year later and how we've grown! Row 1: Vivian, Naiset, Shanille, Sheily, Genevieve, Alex, Row2: Julissa, Yubi, Lisayda, Dayana

With that in mind, the Blumes established Mid-Shore Scholars, dedicated to helping regional high school students fulfill their life goals. In addition to funding the project, the Blumes also recruited a dedicated board of directors and Samantha Martinez as the organization’s first executive director to begin fulfilling its mission in early 2019.

Sadly, Marshall Blume passed away unexpectedly just days before the first four students began their weekend orientation. For a fledgling organization to losing a benefactor and visionary at the very beginning of its existence was a severe test for all involved. However, there was never a moment of hesitation from the Blume family, the board, Samantha, Vivian, or Mike that this critically important program would move forward.

1st Year Anniversary

2/2/2020 - Our founder, Loretta Blume, blowing out candles for 1st Anniversary of MSS
2/2/20 - Row 1: Julissa, Dayana, Loretta, Lisayda, Genevieve, Naiset, Yubi, Sheily, Shanille, Row 2: Mike, Alex, Andrey, Vivian, Catherine, Gordon, Al, Sally