First, Do you have ...


The desire or feeling that drives a person to do something, especially something difficult, is the desire or feeling that causes them to do it.


Determination is the quality that you show when you have decided to do something and you will not let anything stop you.


A commitment is something which regularly takes up some of your time because of an agreement you have made or because of responsibilities that you have.

if so, Become a scholar! our goal ...

100% - Get into college

From your freshman to senior year in high school, MSS will be there supporting your goal to get accepted to you dream school. From academic support to financial aid you can count on MSS to be there.

100% - stay in college

Our job has only begun. Once you get into college we are your life line. When you run into a speed bump and don't know what to do ... MSS will be there to continue to support you and help navigate your way to graduation.

100% - graduate college

Getting over the finish line is key to the next step in your life's journey. Sometimes it's that last step that holds people back. Since we will be on your entire journey, we have the same goal.

what happens next?

get your dream job

Now you need to put together everything you've learned, both academic and people skills. Getting the job you want is a job ... we'll always be there to help.


Once we've helped you, it's your turn to pay it forward. Be a mentor to another Scholar. Help them see what they can become. Take a Scholar under your wing while they are in college. There are a hundred ways you can pay it forward. It's the final step!